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Charlotte "Sista C" Ferrell has been writing since childhood. First, as a contributor to her neighborhood newsletter, then as a college student at Wayne State University where her freelance articles on food and community events helped pay for her B.S and M.A. degrees in Liberal Arts with specializations in Nutrition and Journalism.

Publications that have included her food and lifestyle articles (sometimes as Charlotte Bonds) include: Essence Magazine, the Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail, the Milk Calendar, Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine.

Currently, she spins a creative web throughout her academic, business and community work. She writes scripts for classroom activities that help students internalize health and human service concepts. Her films, poetry and public events incorporate positive, affirmative messages that increase awareness and motivate people to get involved in social issues.

Some notable career highlights include the following:

  • Creating resource materials, such as a Passport and Travelers Kit to engage medical practitioners in learning the role of nutrition in family planning centers.
  • Writing, for 10 years, a weekly Budget Menu column based on grocers' food "specials", and healthy, tasty recipes for traditional, vegetarian and ethnic dishes.
  • Writing the books, "Heart Balm ~ Just for You", and "From Pillows to Pillars" – then spinning her poetry and self-development activities into events and retreats.
  • Deputizing children at churches and community centers as Ambassadors of Peace and Love and inspiring them to write over 100 poems for an anthology.
  • Creating content (print and digital media) for food marketing companies, publishers or programs who want to communicate healthy lifestyle concepts.
  • Co-developing a Food Wheel game show and pocket-size nutrition information device that was broadly disseminated at food shows and fitness events.

Charlotte draws upon extensive experience as a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator who loves to not only speak but draw audiences into discussions and creative activities that help them grasp key concepts.

From university corridors to beauty parlors, she introduces people to the healing powers of health journaling, poetic musing, life re-imagining and storytelling. Three of her favorite topics as a motivational speaker are, "Power Becomes You – Don’t Back Off"; "Generally Speaking – Words Can Really Help Us."; and "Write Yourself Well".

Could you project or program use a more creative approach to client or employee training? Are you looking for “out of the box” solutions to adapting to change or converting concepts into action? Then contact Charlotte Sista C Ferrell.